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Alexa Bot

You can use Now Assistant from your Amazon Alexa devices. All that is needed is a one-time set up between your custom Alexa skill and Now Assistant. Follow the steps below to get started:

1. Create the Alexa skill

Go to https://developer.amazon.com/alexa/console/ask and click on Create Skill.

Create new Alexa skill

Then follow the below steps:

  1. Name new skill for Alexa

    Enter a name for your skill, for example "My Company's Assistant"

  2. Click Next
  3. Select Amazon Alexa Model Select the Custom model
  4. Click Create Skill

You should now see the Skill's build overview page.

Alexa Skill Build Tool Overview

2. Setup the Alexa skill

From the Build screen we now want to configure the Model of our new skill.

Alexa JSON Editor

  1. Click on JSON Editor in the bottom left-hand corner
  2. Download our JSON definition file and upload it here
  3. In line number 4 you may optionally update the invocation name of your skill, i.e. if you leave it as now assistant users would say "Alexa, ask Now Assistant to..."

    Invocation names must be all lowercase

  4. Click on Save Model

Next up we have to configure Interfaces.

Alexa Display Interface

  1. Click on Interfaces
  2. Enable the toggle for Display Interface
  3. Click on Save Interfaces

Now we want to set up the endpoint with Now Assistant.

Alexa Now Assistant Endpoint

  1. Click on Endpoint
  2. Select HTTPS
  3. Under Default Region enter https://<PublicServerURL>/botalexa
  4. Select the type of your HTTPS certificate, in most cases it would be My development endpoint is a sub-domain of a domain that has a wildcard certificate from a certificate authority
  5. Click Save Endpoints

3. Start Account linking

Now we need to link the Alexa skill's account to an account in Now Assistant. Follow the below setup.

Account Linking Alexa

Account Linking Now Assistant

  1. Click Account Linking
  2. Enable the toggle
  3. Set Authorization Type to Auth Code Grant
  4. In a new browser window we need to create a new API Client in Now Assistant. Go to https://<PublicServerURL>/Admin/Contents/Create/APIClient
  5. Enter a technical Name
  6. Enter a long-tail Title
  7. Copy the Client Id from Now Assistant (red) to Alexa (green)
  8. Copy the Client Secret from Now Assistant (red) to Alexa (green)
  9. Copy Authorization endpoint from Now Assistant (red) to Alexa (green)
  10. Copy Token endpoint from Now Assistant (red) to Alexa (green)
  11. Copy Redirect URLs from Alexa (red) to Now Assistant under Return URLs (green)
  12. Save in Now Assistant
  13. Save in Alexa

4. Build Model

Build Alexa Skill Model

Back on the Skill's build overview page, click on Build Model in the Skill builder checklist.

5. Test Skill

Alexa Skills can be tested from the Test tab in the Skills Builder, but before the Simulator works we need to configure one more setting in Now Assistant.

Alexa Bot settings in Now Assistant

  1. Go to https://<PublicServerURL>/Admin/adenin.GateKeeper/GlobalSettings/adenin.GateKeeper.AlexaBot
  2. Enable Admin Simulator mode
  3. Click the checkmark to save

Now you can test your Skill in the Amazon Alexa Skill console.

Alexa Skill test

  1. Click on Test
  2. Enable the toggle
  3. Enter a test utterance

You can find information on how to lanch your skill from the Amazon website.