Error: "Please login once to your Now Assistant before using the bot."

What happened

If you're using Now Assistant through a chat bot, the bot authenticates the current user (i.e. you) with Now Assistant to retrieve their info.

If the bot fails to authenticate the user it will respond with the following message: Please login once to your Now Assistant before using the bot.

Message may vary slightly if your organization has customized it

This can happen if one of two things occurred:

  • The user email of the chat application did not match any user emails in Now Assistant.
  • The user of the chat application matched, but said user has never before logged into Now Assistant.

How to fix it

  1. Double-check that the user email of the chat application is an exact match with an existing user in Now Assistant.
  2. Confirm the user has logged into Now Assistant at least once, so that necessary set ups of the account can take place.

Get help

Contact your Administrator so they can double check if the above fixes have resolved the issue. If the error persists, please contact the adenin Helpdesk.

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