How to: Set up SQL Server Express for Now Assistant

Installing SQL Server

This guide will go through installing SQL Server 2016 SP1 Express edition on a Windows Server 2016.

Begin by opening the SQL Server installation file and choosing 'Custom' installation type:

SQL Server installation type

Specify SQL Server media download target location (or keep the default):

SQL Server install specify media download location

In the following screen select 'New SQL Server stand-alone installation':

SQL Server New Installation

Next accept the license agreement and click 'Next':

SQL Server Accept Agreement Screen

In the next screen, tick the box to check for updates and proceed:

SQL Server Install Check for updates

The setup will then run a few tests to identify any potential problems. If everything is correct you should see something similar to the following picture:

SQL Server Install Fault check status

You can then proceed to the feature selection screen, where you can specify installation directory, features to install, etc. For this tutorial we are going to keep the default values:

SQL Server Install Feature install selection screen

In the following screen you can select your server instance name and ID. For this guide we are going to keep the default values:

SQL Server Install Instance name selection screen

Next you can specify service accounts responsible for different services and their startup type (or keep defaults):

SQL Server Installation Service Accounts selection

In the next screen it is important to set the authentication mode to 'Mixed' and input a strong password for the 'sa' (System Administrator) account. This enables the 'sa' account which has the highest level of permissions over the database.

SQL Server Install Set Mixed Authentication mode

Next, you can leave 'Install and Configure' option and proceed:

SQL Server Install Configuration mode

Then, agree to install Microsoft R Open and click 'Next':

SQL Server Installation Agree to install Microsoft R Open

At this point the installation should start. It can take several minutes and once it's done you should see a screen that summarizes successfully installed features:

SQL Server Installation Success

Installing SQL Server Management Studio

To control Microsoft SQL Server it is recommended to install the SQL Server Management Studio. First, download the latest version of Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio and start the installation. For this tutorial we're going to install Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio v17.3.

In the initial screen click 'Install':

SQL Management Studio starting screen

The installation should then start:

SQL Management Studio Installation progress

Once done, you'll be prompted to restart your machine:

SQL Management Studio installation restart prompt

Once restarted, you should be able to open SQL Server Management Studio and login with the 'sa' account credentials you've set up previously:

SQL Management Studio login page

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