Digital Workgrid

What is a Digital Workgrid?

A digital workgrid is the layer above the Digital Workplace that enables data to be easily transfered and transformed between applications. Basically a Digital Workplace can easily be tasked to juggle more than two dozen data streams with various file formats, security protocols, etc.

If you think of data as electricity than you could think of the digital workgrid as the power grid that delivers data from any point to any other while being transformed a bunch of times along the way.

What are the benefits of a ‘workgrid’ digital assistant?

For the most part the benefit is data unity. The current landscape of desktop applications, web interfaces and smartphone apps has reached its limit of productivity potential. Employees are regularly overwhelmed by the systems they need to keep track of, the logins and UIs they have to remember, and the notifications they have to react to. So order to maximize the impact a Digital Workplace can drive for the organization, and the amount of data it can succintly unify for employees, it could be beneficial to connect it simply to an already existing digital workgrid.