Fulfilment Cards

Also known as: Now Cards, Assistant Cards, Fulfillment Cards

What are Fulfilment Cards?

Fulfilment Cards let you consume information and react on it within the same Card. Whenever the Assistant notifies you or gives you an answer to a question, it would also try to proactively offer you actions you're likely going to need next. The aim to avoid the user having to seek out another application or go to anywhere else.

Examples of Fulfilment Cards

  • You ask about leave so you can request some more
  • When you receive a message, you can reply
  • When you see a workflow, you could approve or decline it

Definition of Fulfilment Cards

Fulfilment Cards deliver information in “concise, bite-sized chunks” and are “developed over time, both by humans and, eventually, by the Intelligent Digital Workplace Assistant itself through machine learning.”

-Digital Workplace Group