Smart Office

What is a Smart Office?

Smart Office is an umbrella term for using technology to make offices more efficient, enjoyable and flexible. It is a combination of new hardware, like smart displays, and improved existing hardware, like Internet-controlled lighting.

Examples of a smart office includes:

  • Meeting rooms that can be booked via voice assistants
  • Conference room equipment that recognizes you and start the next meeting from your personal calendar
  • Lighting that adjusts to your preferences
  • Information you receive about the building you're in, i.e. elevators out of service, or locations of different facilities (useful if you're new in a building)
  • NFC chips in your smartphone as a Smart Card replacement for turnstiles and elevators
  • IoT-enabled buttons to report faulty printers, missing stationary, low stocks of coffee pods, etc.
  • Smart assistant speakers that answer common questions or execute commands
  • Smart displays that show meeting room occupancies, hot-desk availability or building information and signage

Together with enterprise software applications that interact with this hardware, organizations can create a Digital Workplace allowing them to benefit from a more productive and engaged workforce that waste less time getting to their desks, but are also happier not having to deal with as many disruptions to their day.