Intranet Content Management System (CMS)

Create, manage and distribute content to your users with the all-encompassing document management tools and content editors in IntelliEnterprise.

Content creation

Achieve operational excellence with exceptional content creation and management tools.

IntelliEnterprise provides a single unified repository for information of any source or type (office documents, web pages, video, wikis, blogs, etc.).

The IntelliEnterprise information management helps organizations manage all their documents and contents throughout the information lifecycle, helping to avoid the chaos of unmanaged content that leads to duplication, rework, and wasted time.

Powerful filtering, aggregation and distribution tools ensure that the right information is always available to the right user at the right time.

Features in spotlight

Responsive Design HTML Editor

With our new "No more boring content" editor you can create content easily by dragging-and-dropping dozens of building blocks into your document. Create rich documents with great styling, picture and video embedding.

Unlike other editors all the content is responsive, meaning it will adjust automatically to the available screen size, without coding.

The included catalog of modern intranet design templates allows the creation of stunning content without any technical knowledge.

Intranet HTML Editor Responsive Design
HTML Editor CMS Intranet


Instrumental to any Intranet CMS, our browser-based and feature-rich editor provides a familiar user interface – much like Microsoft Word – for creating and updating web pages. The editor is HTML5 and works with all browsers without requiring plugins.

Microsoft Office Integration

With the unique "Direct Edit" function users can open Office documents right inside their desktop publishing software. Download, Check-out and Upload are all handled automatically in the background. This makes updating documents radically quicker.

Works with Microsoft Office on PC

Intranet Office 365 Integration
Intranet Video Streaming

HTML5 Video Streaming

Turn your intranet into a "corporate YouTube" filled with videos for training, marketing, presentations, executive reports, meetings and anything else you want to share with employees.

Content is streamed with a HTML5 web player that doesn't require any plugins or Flash.

CMS Intranet

Easily sort, store and manage your content with the powerful IntelliEnterprise CMS Intranet.

Combine the best of a classical Content Management System with a dedicated DMS (Document Management System), designed to handle both websites and HTML as well as all kinds of files.

Features in spotlight

Document Manager

At heart of the Intranet CMS is the Document Manager module. It displays all types of files in a sortable and paginated list. From here items can be shared, managed and edited. The file upload allows multiple files to be uploaded simultaneously, and supports mass tagging.

The following features can be changed:

  • Display thumbnail

  • Show/hide different metadata

  • Filter documents by metadata

  • Allow/disallow download

  • Show description or create excerpt

  • In-line rating and commenting

  • Aggregate items from other Categories

CMS Intranet
CMS Intranet with Versioning

Version History with Comparison View

All revisions of any content are maintained in the document history. The history can be used to restore previous versions of a page, document changes for compliance and audit who made changes and when.

A handy comparison view let's you quickly see changes as highlighted in green for HTML and image documents.

Document Approval

Employees can customize a multi-level approval process for new and updated documents. For example, they can set up a workflow that requires two managers to approve changes before releasing a new version of an official document.

Lifecycle Management

Automate some of the processes involved in keeping your intranet up-to-date, and ensuring that content stays fresh. With Lifecycle Management, you can have old content removed and archived automatically. Or create a task to review content once it reaches a certain date.

Lifecycle management

Automatic thumbnail generation

All Office documents, PDF's, HTML sites and images will automatically be displayed with a thumbnail of the documents first page.

CMS intranet Automatic thumbnail generation

Web Folders

Open any Category right inside your Windows Explorer with the "Open as Web Folder" button. Ideal for batch processing many files at once. Familiar to all users it increases the adoption rate of an Intranet.

Requires Internet Explorer

Intranet Content Management System with Windows Explorer Integration

Content distribution

Increase user engagement with these tools to distribute the latest content in your Intranet to the right audiences.

Features in spotlight

News Panel

An interactive display of the latest news or updated items from one or more categories. When hovering over one of the headlines a popup preview shows an excerpt from the article which can be opened by clicking the headline.

Intranet Document Management News

News List

Shows an activity stream of the most recently published or updated topics/items in one or more categories. The News feature comes with these layout options:

  • Show news in a list or as a scrolling ticker.

  • Show or hide excerpts.

  • Create short excerpts from the article.

  • Show or hide images and topic icons.

  • Select number of topics.

CMS Intranet Updates

Topic Read Confirmation

You can select a certain user role to receive notifications about new and updated documents. Users will then have to open and confirm that they have read the document. Ideal to have employees confirm changes to policies. Generates report of users that have/haven't read a document.

Topic read confirmation dialog
Intranet Employee Newsletter

'Daily Digest' Newsletter

The Daily Digest is a daily or weekly email newsletter. You can send one email that includes the personal notifications the user has asked to receive with the global group notifications. Users can select what information they want to receive, how frequently they receive emails, and what level of detail they want to receive. Administrators can define which information should be sent to which group of users. They can also mandate that certain types of information be sent regardless of user preferences (by disallowing the unsubscription option for certain digest sections).