The Employee Productivity Intranet

Spark new connections, surface knowledge and keep everyone in the loop – create a custom Intranet Social Network with just the right tools for your tasks.

Social Intranet

An organization consists of offices and people. And the offices seem pretty much the same — so it comes down to people.

IntelliEnterprise is a Social Intranet that helps finding an expert quickly, lets employees chat, befriend each other, see their organizational position and receive recognition. With tools such as 'New Hires' and the 'Org Chart' new recruits get to know the business more quickly, with profile pages and Twitter-style following/follower system leaders can motivate employees beyond departmental boundaries, and with the People Finder it is easy to find an expert based on their unique skills, past experience and personality.

With its modular architecture, IntelliEnterprise helps organizations create a customized Social Intranet, by enabling a free selection of those tools that are most helpful to faciliate collaboration and employee productivity.

Features in spotlight

Employee Directory

Employees have instant access to other employee contact information so they can connect with each other. The directory can locate employees by skill, position and location to help when employees don't know the name of the person they need to reach.

Social Intranet Employee Directory View live

People Finder

Find people and contact information by name, location or department. Especially useful for finding an expert in a different branch/location.

People Finder Social Intranet

Org Chart

Employees can get a visual picture of the company's workforce structure. The Organization Chart is automatically updated based on information from the Directory. No work is needed to create or maintain the chart.

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Org Chart Enterprise Social Network


List recent or upcoming birthdays.

Social Intranet Birthdays

New Hires

Lists new or soon-to-be employees and when their start date is.

New Hires


Employee Awards let you share a user's achievements with everyone else and, thus, motivate employees and increase employee productivity. Awards can be displayed on the user's profile page. A list of award winners can be included on the corporate home page.

Social Intranet Awards and Recognitions
Social Intranet Profiles

Profile Pages

As the corner stone of a Social Intranet individual profile pages display public information about an employee. It includes photo, interests, work, education history, and communities and networks joined. A profile also comes with a personal tag cloud based on the employee's knowledge work activity to help employees find experts.

You can also include these features on profile pages:

  • Public Timeline and Instant Messaging

  • Following / Followers

  • Organizational Network

  • Status Messages and Status Stream

  • Public files and bookmarks

  • Private files (Corporate Dropbox)

Activity Stream

The Activity stream shows recent employees' status messages and information about their current work, such as topics published, topics rated, tags added, communities created or communities joined.

The portlet provides a filter to show only updates from colleagues the user is connected with. It therefore can be used both in a traditional sense where users see global updates but also be filtered to just the users you have connected with, thus making the Social Intranet experience more personalized.

Social Intranet Activity Feed

Employee Productivity & Collaboration

Inclusive environments in which employees have the right tools to collaborate and exchange ideas, producitivity and innovation benefit.

IntelliEnterprise increases employee productivity by making it easy for users to find the information they need. This is accomplished through contextual linking of related information and creating meaningful links, for by linking a document to a responsible editor. This allows people to find what they need in the way most intuitive to them, instead of having to stick to the tradtional single site hierarchy as the main means of navigation.

Features in spotlight


A blog is an online journal where entries appear from newest to oldest. Managers use internal blogs to post events, share personal views about products, services or vision for the corporation and provide project updates.

Blogs help boost employee productivity in project teams by using them as a project journal or activity report. Employees can leave comments to lend insight, ask questions and more.

Intranet blog for employee productivity
Wiki employee productivity screenshot


A wiki allows users to collaborate and edit web pages covering a common subject. Employees use wikis to create glossaries that explain acronyms and other company-specific terms and share dynamic information that can act like a knowledge base.

The wiki features automatic linking of keywords which are placed in double brackets, e.g. [[Area management]]. If the linked term does not exist as a page yet, it will show in red so users can start extending the wiki by writing a new article.

The absence of a hierarchy can help increase employee productivity by offering more explorative discovery of new subjects.

Knowledge Base

Knowledge Bases are collections of HTML pages, Wikis and other documents that form a library of topics that users can access through various lists and funnels that detail relevant metadata.

Knowledge Bases are versatile repositories which increase employee producitivty by offering an easy retrieval of relevant information through metadata or contextually relevant links.

Knowledge Base Intranet Employee Productivity

Idea Management

Vote on ideas or suggestions. Users can rate the whole idea with a "thumbs up/down," and add comments so the author of the idea gets more useful feedback.

Social Intranet Ideation

User ratings and reviews

Star ratings and user comments have long been found on public websites — from Amazon to weblogs. But they are much more useful on intranets, where they’re from colleagues instead of anonymous or unknown readers. This feature allows readers to communicate with both other users and the information publishers.

Social Intranet Ratings and Comments


Unleash the power of the crowd and let imaginations run wild. Or create spaces for your business partners to come and work with you. Or just share pictures of cute cats. Communities — the lifeblood of a lively intranet.

Features in spotlight

Community Management

Help bolster employee productivity by letting users create virtual collaboration spaces where they can exchange on a common subject or topic.

Admin users can manage the audience by inviting new members, promote members to admins or change the community settings. Communities may be either public, registration required or invitation only.

Even external users may be invited to access and edit content in communities, offering a convenient way to turn the Intranet into an Extranet.

Communities Social Intranet
Intranet Extranet invitations Enterprise Social Network

External invitations / Extranet

Organizations can extend their reach beyond their company by inviting external users to join community sites. This increases collaboration and strengthens business relationships with partners, suppliers, vendors, customers and other businesses by sharing parts of the organization's content. Existing users can invite external users and revoke their access if needed.