Frequently Asked Questions

See what others have asked before and learn all the essentials around licensing, system requirements and maintenance of IntelliEnterprise.

IntelliEnterprise is built on Microsoft.Net Framework 3.5, with ASP and COM components. Also, 341 pizzas were used during construction.

Yes. After we receive payment for the Full Version license, you will get a confirmation email with instructions on how to upgrade your license. The upgrade process will keep all settings, documents, data and so on.

Simply download the evaluation version of IntelliEnterprise and follow the instructions in the installation guide, including the activation step which will generate your initial evaluation license.

Should this license expire you can extend it by contacting your sales rep. Your license can be extended to include additonal weeks, or users, or both, to make sure you can make your purchasing decision with confidence.

To update IntelliEnterprise to the latest version, just follow the instructions below:

  1. Back up your database and the complete adenin directory.
  2. If you are upgrading to a new major version (i.e. from 10.x to 11.x) please send your adenin.license file to and request a license version update.
    (To check your current version: Navigate to the Portalcheck Page at
  3. Download the latest release Update from the Extranet Download section. There are two versions available: 'Full install' and 'Update'; choose 'Update'.
  4. Stop IIS (Start --> Run --> iisreset /stop).
  5. Stop the adenin Scheduler Service by navigating to Start --> Programs --> Administrative Tools --> Services. Right-click the adenin Scheduler and click on 'Stop' in the context menu.
  6. Once your download has finished, install the update on your server.
  7. Restart the adenin Scheduler Service (Start --> Programs --> Administrative Tools --> Services, right-click on adenin Scheduler and select 'Start' in the context menu.) and then re-start IIS (Start --> Run --> iisreset /start).

And voila! IntelliEnterprise will now be running on the latest version.

For XSL layout templates we provide the source code along with a procedure to ensure that your customized templates are retained when updating IntelliEnterprise to a newer version.

We also offer numerous integrations for external applications, data sources and web content.

We do not provide the application source code to customers, but can place the source code in escrow for a fee. Please consult your customer rep.

IntelliEnterprise is offered as a server installation. You can however consult one of the many hosting service providers to create your own "private cloud", in which IntelliEnterprise could run.

Your hosting provider needs to let you install custom components, applications and Windows services. In most cases, this requires a plan with dedicated server level hosting.

IntelliEnterprises supports ADFS and SAML Single-Sign On, both as an identity provider and consumer. This is used by many online service providers to authenticate users who are trying to access secure content between two or more services.

It supports Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or higher and the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox on PC and Mac, and Safari on Mac and iOS.

If you have issues with certain features, consider upgrading to the latest version of IntelliEnterprise to restore compabtibility with a newer browser version.

Your evaluation license includes 20 users and will expire after 30 days. Otherwise all others functions of the software are included.

During your evaluation you are eligible to free pre-Sales support at or our toll-free hotline.

You can extend your evaluation license if you have run out of time.

If you require a quote

Please call our toll-free hotline at 1 (617) 977-6746 or email to get you set up with our sales team.

If you already have a quote

Please submit your purchase order to or speak to your sales rep.

We are using the same prices in quotes as we advertise in our Pricing Calculator.

Some licensing tiers distinguish between a 'Full Use' and 'Read Only' user. A Full Use license is allowed to administer the Intranet and manage it's content, users, workflows and settings.

This type is ideal for the following functional roles in your organization: Administrators, Content Editors/Managers, Workflow and Application Designer and Workflow participating users. (Please note: Starting a workflow does not require a Full Use license).

A Read Only user can simply consume information from the Intranet and publish content on their personal homepage, in discussions, communities and comments.

We use a multi-tiered pricing structure for different sizes of deployed installations. Each tier is structured differently, taking into account the number of licensed servers, licensed users and the number of read only vs. full use users.

Please use the Pricing Calculator to find the license that fits your organization's needs.

Yes, you may purchase additional users for an existing license at any time.

The cost of the upgrade depends on which license category you have, how many and what type of users you wish to add and whether this means you are moving to a new license category. We guarantee that you only pay the difference between your new license and the purchase price of the original license.

The minimum number of additional users that you can order is 15, and then multiples of 5 thereafter (so 20, 25, etc.).

Both perpetual and rental licenses can be upgraded at any time.

Please consult your customer rep for details.

IntelliEnterprise must be installed on a Windows Server. Check to see supported operating systems.

The server hardware should meet the following minimum configuration:

You can run IntelliEnterprise in virtual environments.

The IntelliEnterprise server needs to be installed on Windows Server 2008R2, 2012, 2012R2 or 2016. Support for Windows Server 2003 and 2008 has stopped with Release 14.

The server needs to run IIS web server.

For testing environments Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 could be used, however these systems support only a limited number of concurrent connections.

IntelliEnterprise supports Microsoft SQL Server 2008, 2008R2, 2012 and 2014. For installations with less than 1000 users the free MS SQL Server Express Editon suffices.

It can run in SQL Server Clusters..

For dashboards and applications IntelliEnterprise can integrate and sync with

  • SQL Server databases
  • Oracle databases
  • Relational databases with ODBC driver

By holding a current Support & Update Subscription, you will have access to the current version of IntelliEnterprise. This includes major releases but also minor bugfixes which are released multiple times throuhgout the year.

It is the Support & Upgrade Subscription status, rather than the license, that determines which version you are authorized to use.

Changes to your license, such as upgrading the number of users, only affects the original license and has no effect on the version.

If you purchase a perpetual license without an Update & Support subscription you are elgible to free updates for 90 days after your purchase.

If you have stopped your subscription and would like to resume it now, please get in touch with your customer rep.

Rental licenses always come with the Support & Update Subscription.