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Sales Portal

All the essentials, fully customizable.

Have a best-practice CRM application, along with insightful Dashboards and customziation options.

The Sales Portal is focused on displaying CRM information in a straight-forward manner, providing your employees with one central repository for all their Sales-related information. Dashboards can help supervisors to graphically visualize the progress of their team and track individual employee's performance.

Users can create new leads, accounts, contacts and opportunities. Most of that information can be made available to the entire workforce while some (i.e. Leads) can be restricted so only the user who created it and manager role users can see the entire data.

You can also create workflows of any kind to help agents send timely follow-ups to leads and make sure requests that depend on third users within the firm are being resolved in time. Especially for larger organizations a Sales Portal can help distribute employee-specific information, i.e. individual time-tables or personal performance metrics, as well as communicate wider organization goals and performance targets clearly.

It is a best-practice solution for organizations that need a secure and efficient way to store and share all sales-related information with their employees.

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Key Benefits

  1. Increase the relevance and value of information.

    Increase relevance through a personalized view on relevant content. Automatic updating workflows ensure users keep information up to date so everybody can work with the current data. Advanced search capabilities save power users a lot of time.

  2. Make information available throughout the organization.

    Keeping all employees informed and giving them access to the same information helps reducing duplicate work or work that is based on outdated information.

  3. Information stored in a centralized respository.

    Radically simplifies access to all kinds of data so it can be restricted to targeted audiences. Aggregation of data and Key Performance Indicators in the form of Dashboards visualizes performance and progress for the entire team at a glance.

  4. Motivate the team with transparent metrics.

    By displaying the real-time analytics of your Sales performance as Dashboards every user is constantly reminded and motivated to keep pushing the envelope to hit the goal.

  5. Improve success rate with integrated communication.

    With a built-in Webmail client it is easy to send customers and prospective customers personalized Email follow-ups. An intelligent routing mechanism will direct incoming emails directly to the matching customer record and notify the agents the record is assigned to.