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Modernizing Your Intranet

Learn how to understand your current enterprise applications and modernize your Intranet with a Digital Workplace programme

Modernizing Your Intranet Checklist

Turning a run-of-the-mill Intranet into a Digital Workplace is no small project. Where to begin can be a challenging question, especially if you don’t have an infinite budget at your disposal.

Get a helping hand from the experts with our free Modernizing Your Intranet checklist, designed to help you get your enterprise application landscape under control and start your journey towards a Digital Workplace.

  • Take a guided assessment of your current infrastructure
  • Identify pain points, pitfalls and drawbacks of your current Intranet solution
  • Lay out a path forward including planning for targeted activities, involving key stakeholders, identifying goals and setting proper governance

Businesses like yours can generate real value from modernizing your Intranet – as long as you're using the right approach. Download your free checklist today and start implementing a best-practice Digital Workplace program in your organization today.

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