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Receive real-time notifications, ask a question or give a command. Your intelligent virtual assistant is always ready to help.

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Now Assistant makes workplace mobility a reality. Unite all your applications and data sources across your business into one simple interface, on any device.

Your AI personal assistant - on your iPad

Your daily morning briefing

Get a round up of news and overnight updates and a brief of your day's schedule, just as you sit at your desk. Now Assistant creates a tailored feed based on your organizational role, public calendars, emails and reminders so you can stay effortlessly informed.

Just the right information at the right time

Now Assistant uses your geographic location, office hours, membership in project groups or communities, assigned tasks and departmental relationships to create highly personalised updates about topics most relevant to you.

Choose your feed

Manage your personal preferences to tailor your update stream to you. Choose which news sources you want to read, how often you receive a digest and if you want to receive breaking news updates as they happen.

Your AI personal assistant - on your iPhone

Get a heads up!

Whether a meeting gets cancelled, or your train is delayed, Now Assistant's server constantly checks your sources for updates and pushes a notification directly to your device as soon as and when it happens.

Start new requests

Filing expenses, requesting leave or responding to messages can be tedious, but with Now Assistant's built-in and responsive Forms Engine you can start requests or take action on the go – irrespective of the underlying system.

Offline mode

Reception can be spotty, but Now Assistant's offline mode makes sure you won't miss a thing. If your signal is poor, updates are queued in the background until coverage has improved, then pushed to your device.

Your AI personal assistant - on your desktop

Get instant updates throughout the day

Now Assistant is on the ball. Whenever you receive an email, get a meeting invite or receive a request for approval, your intelligent virtual assistant will let you know without any delay.

Ask anything like you would a colleague

With Natural Language Processing (NLP) Now Assistant's artificial intelligence can answer any question or start any request, be it to request time off, ask which meeting rooms are free or to find a certain file.

Works across devices and applications

Now Assistant works where you work, be it in SharePoint, as a Google Chrome extension or a responsive web app that works on mobiles and desktops. All your sessions are in sync, so you always have the same up-to-date information no matter where you're working from.

Your AI personal assistant - on your iPhone

Manage approvals in minutes

For managers it can be hard to get on top of workflows and approvals. In Now Assistant all your applications and portals can send you Approvals as Cards directly to your device - so while you wait in line at Starbucks, you can get back on top of your workload.

Voice activated

No hands free? Just tap the mic and ask the artificial intelligence powered search a question or start a new task. It's your personal business communicator in the palm of your hands.

Emergency notifications

Workplace health and safety advisories can be pushed to employees within seconds, be it an upcoming weather situation, power cut or building evacuation.

Your AI personal assistant - on Amazon Alexa

Schedule a meeting for 1PM tomorrow

OK, meeting created - who should I invite?

Alexa and Google Home Integration

Now Assistant seamlessly integrates with other virtual assistants such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Don't add another application to the list - Now Assistant works with the apps you already use at home, on your mobile and on the go.

Leverage chatbot integrations

Take advantage of your intelligent virtual assistant through a chatbot, available as an extension for popular workplace messaging apps such as Slack, Hipchat, Microsoft Teams or Cisco Spark.

A borderless app for the mobile workplace

Now Assistant can be embedded into your existing Intranet, used as a Chrome browser extension or as a responsive design web app - and of course, as a mobile assistant on your phone. Your AI personal assistant is there to make work easier, wherever you are.

Combine on-premises deployment with cloud data

Now Assistant securely consolidates data silos into one united API to provide real-time access and updates.


Gather data from 50+ Enterprise App APIs and databases in realtime and securely.

Now Assistant Data Flow

Notifications and Search

Users receive a Card whenever a relevant update was detected or when they search.

Unify your data.

Now Assistant connects seamlessly to your existing data sources, with over 50 pre-built connectors availabe for popular business apps.

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  • Google Apps for Work / GSuite
  • Google Drive
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Contacts
  • Google Mail


  • SharePoint Online
  • SharePoint 2013 and up
  • Active Directory
  • AD FS


  • Sales Cloud
  • Chatter
  • Exacttarget Marketing Cloud
  • Salesorce1 Platform

    Office 365

  • Outlook Emails, Contacts and Calendars
  • SharePoint
  • OneDrive for Business
  • Personal OneDrive
  • Yammer


  • Box for Business
  • Personal Box Accounts


  • ECC 6.0 or newer



adenin AI for business

adenin AI – Smart work automation

adenin AI creates a simple way to introduce the power of AI into your business. Your intelligent virtual assistant can help transform your enterprise application landscape into a progressive digital workplace.

All adenin AI features

What benefits can AI bring to my business?

adenin AI targets all those complex, yet tedious aspects of everyday work that slow you down. By bringing your data into one easily searchable UI, users can be updated on events which are relevant to them as and when they happen. Instead of searching multiple portals for a request form, your AI personal assistant makes finding and completing requests a breeze. By making simple tasks quicker and easier, hours of valuable productivity are returned to your business - with can in turn help to boost your organization's profits.

AI for business

From AI over oAuth, SmartSearch, to the Enterprise Card Store - Now Assistant has over 50 enterprise-grade features, ready to change the way you work.

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Embrace digital transformation

Now Assistant is a next-generation AI personal assistant, ready to replace the dark, blind system of business data silos.

AI for business made simple

Now Assistant provides every user with a tailored experience that matches their functional role, daily schedule and projects they are involved in. It learns as you go along and always provides you with just the right information at just the right time.

Flexible, productive, intelligent - the mobile workplace

Now Assistant embeds itself into existing business applications - use it inside existing intranets, as a Chrome extension, or on your phone or tablet. Forget being tied to your desk - your intelligent virtual assistant works wherever you work.

The future of the workplace

Since Web 2.0, users are asking for nimble, uncluttered information that adjust to their needs. With it's radical card-based UI, AI-powered search and responsive design, Now Assistant is a constantly changing, lively companion that works however you work, wherever you work. Like a genie in your pocket.

Your AI personal assistant can help you on your commute Your AI personal assistant can help you prepare for your day

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