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The Digital Employee Experience is a paradigm for creating a connected world of applications that employees can access seamlessly from their computer or on the go. A Digital Employee Experience is more than just a Digital Workplace; it involves a distinct change towards embracing technology to improve workflows and processes.

Now Assistant enables you to work wherever you need to

Borderless access

Creating a Digital Employee Experience isn’t about adding yet another place for users to go to in order to get things done. It is infused into each and every application already in use for work, in order to create a seamless workflow where information is always available, whenever and wherever you need it. Now Assistant is a progressive web app, but also can be embedded into Intranets, used as a Google Chrome extension or even integrated into Chatbots for Slack or smart assistant hardware like the Amazon Alexa.

End-to-end approach

A functional Digital Workplace Experience doesn't involve bringing singular applications to a mobile form factor, but entire life-of-business use cases. Taking personal leave as an example; it wouldn’t suffice to only make new request forms available on mobile devices. Anything else from the policies pertaining to leave, to approval workflows, to looking up the remaining allowance to actually requesting it -- it all needs to be part of the single use case that gets the “digital” treatment.

From a request to fulfillment with Now Assistant
Embrace the power of AI to improve your digital employee experience

Artificial Intelligence

Data is growing exponentially and users either have limited access to enterprise data outside the office, or spend an unsustainable amount of time looking for and consolidating that enterprise data. AI can help here by offering natural language processing for easy interaction, smart typeahead suggestions for quicker discovery of relevant content, and real-time notifications when changes in the data have been recognized that the user would ordinarily not have picked up on as quickly. Empower employees to better work together now, the future of the workplace starts today.

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