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Embrace digital transformation with Now Assistant.

Even the most ambitious digital workplace solutions suffer from a critical issue - they are closed platforms. If you want to get the most out of your workplace, you need to free yourself from the restraints of application overload. 1 in 10 employees are using eleven or more enterprise applications on a daily basis - but there is a better way.

Now Assistant is the first data agnostic platform. You can use it with any other products you already have. A cornerstone of the Digital Transformation is for platforms to become more open, standardized and interchangeable, and Now Assistant is here to lead the way.

Embrace the power of AI to improve your digital employee experience

Unity API

Digital Transformation demands a more open, connected exchange of data between applications. Now Assistant includes over 50+ plug-and-play Integrations with popular enterprise applications for both cloud and on-premises sources. Application APIs are all aggregated into one central API - the Unity API - which handles all requests securely and pushes and pulls information from the original sources in real-time.

Borderless experience

Digital Transformation isn’t a story about one platform or one vendor; it’s about taking technology to the places employees already get their work done. If your marketing team heavily uses Salesforce, they shouldn’t need to go to yet another place to get information. With the portability of Cards, the Digital Transformation Experience from Now Assistant can be embedded into other websites, Intranets, integrates with chatbots, personal assistant devices such as Amazon Alexa, and even comes as a Google Chrome extension.

Work on any device with Now Assistant
Take advantage of big data analytics with Now Assistant


Knowing what users really want is mission-critical to ensure a demand-driven Digital Transformation, and Now Assistant has a deep integration into an ELK-Stack to provide customers with in-depth data about user engagement and content popularity. This helps shape the decisions IT is making to plan the next step of their Digital Transformation, for example to guide them which source should be created as a Card next.

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