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Smart Office

Join the smart office movement with Now Assistant.

Work smarter, not harder, with the smart office. Bring software, hardware, office equipment and even furniture together under the smart office umbrella and change the way you work with the Internet of Things.

See how Amazon Alexa for business can help you leap into the smart office, and how with Alexa and Now Assistant you can easily combine the smarts of an AI-powered assistant with the ubiquity of smart speakers dotted around your office.

Work smarter not harder with a smart office

Ambient computing

Every year the number of Internet of Things enabled devices increases, from smartwatches to fridges to cars. In the past, the office hasn't played a big part in the digital upheavel; Amazon is planning to change this by integrating our offices with their Alexa ecosystem. Organizations can buy room-specific Alexa devices to support employees, both in their work and interacting with their office.

Now Assistant integrates seamlessly with Amazon Alexa, and can use it’s voice output to read out Now Card or show them on-screen on supported devices like the Amazon Echo Show - so you can access your personal AI assistant from anywhere in the office.

Smart office furniture

Smart office furniture can bring a substantial upgrade to your office. Desks are evolving to include height adjustment motors and built-in wireless charging functionality; some office lamps can sense if someone is nearby and adjust the lighting based on ambient natural light and the occupancy of a room. Room-based devices can even report the current occupacy of the room - ask Now Assistant if you can book the room, and you'll know if the room is vacant or not without even leaving your desk.

Make the future of work smart work with a modern workplace
Take advantage of ambient computing and create a smart office

Smart facilities

Smart facilities are in the works, and are the most futuristic aspect of the smart office. Wirelessly adjustable air conditioning, intelligent door buzzers and smart thermostats make navigating the office more comfortable and practical than ever. In the future, hot-desking could become more convenient by integrating individual workspaces to your device - simply sitting down would register you as the current user of the desk, loading all of your preferences - from the temperature of the area to the amount of light from your smart bulbs.

See what Now Assistant can do for you

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