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With Now Assistant, you can receive real-time notifications, ask a question or give a command from anywhere on any device.

Boost employee productivity with Now Assistant

Boost productivity

Now Assistant supports over 50 integrations to your favourite and most used enterprise software. Instead of searching multiple portals for a request form or customer information, your AI personal assistant makes finding information and completing requests a breeze.

By making simple tasks quicker and easier, hours of valuable productivity are returned to your business - which can in turn help to boost your organization's profits.

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Your AI personal assistant - on any device

Now Assistant works where you work, be it in SharePoint, as a Google Chrome extension or a responsive web app that works on mobiles and desktops. All your sessions are in sync, so you always have the same up-to-date information no matter where you're working from.

With integrations with Slack, Workplace by Facebook and more, you don't even have to stop what you're doing to access your personal AI assistant - whether you're at the office or on the go.

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Work smarter, not harder

Break free of endless self-service portals, checking your inbox every ten minutes and rushing to find last week's meeting minutes. Now Assistant makes your data work for you, with an enteprise-grade secure search across all of your data and real-time notifications.

You'll only ever get what you need from Now Assistant. With your job role, assigned tasks, project memberships and more, your personal AI assistant tailors itself to you; so you can work smarter instead of harder.

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Work smarter, not harder with Now Assistant

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