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Work smarter, not harder. Now Assistant integrates with Slack via Slack Apps to make it easier than ever to make work happen.

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Access anywhere

Wherever you use Slack, your smart assistant is ready and waiting. Query your enterprise data directly from your Slack workspace, or even kick off requests and meetings straight from the chat.

Stay on top

Never miss an important update again - subscribe to your favourite cards and get live updates as they happen directly to your Slack workspace, in plain text or rich media format.

Collaboration made easy

Collaborate with your team in Slack channels with a helping hand - Now Assistant can support your channel by answering queries from any user, whether that's sales reports or project updates.

Change the way you work with Now Assistant and Slack

Boost your collaboration potential, stay informed and make work happen without leaving Slack with Now Assistant.

Hassle free and easy to install - get started today and see the difference Now Assistant can make to your workplace.

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Slack integration through Slack Apps with Now Assistant