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When information is hard to find, completing a task involves juggling four different applications and half of those applications are challenging to use, employees naturally become less productive and less engaged with their workplace. Now Assistant gives control back to your workforce; by unifying your disparate applications, portals and data sources into one frustration-free tool, employees can make effective use of their time, collaborate better and make better decisions.

Now Assistant gives employees the tools they need to succeed

  • Securely search across policies, portals, applications, databases and more; employees can save 33% of productive time otherwise spent looking for files and information
  • Relevant, personalized updates from the adenin AI enable employees to see what they need to complete tasks, when they need it - and take immediate action
  • Universal access to all of your enterprise applications, data sources and portals from anywhere - on the web, via chatbots or on mobile and smart devices

Discover how your employees could save valuable time and effort with the help of the award winning digital assistant Now Assistant. Sign up now and experience a day in the life of Joe, a Sales manager at Toasters Inc, to find out how Joe makes the most of his time with his smart assistant for work by his side - interact with Joe's SharePoint intranet, enterprise applications and personal and work data and find out what your new digital employee experience could look like.

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