Import and Export

Whether you wish to keep a backup of your Digital Assistant data or add new features to the production build - it is important to be able to export data from Digital Assistant. The 'Import/Export' suite is specifically designed to provide a flexible interface for this task.


Export section allows to fully export multiple content types as a single export.xml file that can later be imported.

Data types

You can use this section to specify which data types e.g. Cards, Connectors, etc. you'd like to export:

Import and export section

Export settings

In addition, you can set which content to save for the selected data types. For example, you can select to save content metadata and data. It is also possible to export only the published or drafted versions of the content by setting the version history:

Set Export settings

Deployment Basket

In contrast to Export, deployment basket allows to export individual pieces of content e.g. a particular Card rather than all Cards. As the name suggests, this functionality is especially useful for deployments, where new content needs to be safely integrated with the existing one. Similar to the 'Export' functionality, the output of deployment basket is a single XML file, which can be conveniently imported later on.

Adding items to the Deployment Basket

To add items to the deployment basket, we simply find the item we wish to export in the Content Manager section and click 'Add to Basket':

Click add to basket on the content

The basket can contain items with different content types which will be visible in the Deployment Basket section:

Deployment Basket


To import already exported content simply navigate to the Import section, select the exported file and click 'Import':

Import content

When the import file contains items which are already present in Digital Assistant, the items will be updated to reflect the import file. Therefore, running an import multiple times will not generate duplicate records or errors.