Build your first Card

9. Use AI to find Cards

Example of using utterances

With Digital Assistant you can train the built-in AI Engine so that it can help users find the answer they are looking for.

The AI Engine requires a small set of training data for each Card it is supposed to find. Usually you would start with all the ways you can think of, someone might ask for or request your Card.

The training data you provide uses Utterances so that you can include synonyms and entities into your training data.

Adding Utterances to Cards

First of all, create a new Card and then locate it in Development → Manage Spaces → Global → Components. If you start editing Digital Assistant Card's metadata:

Link to edit Card's metadata

To learn more about creating Digital Assistant Cards, have a look at this article.

You should see that you can set the 'Assistant Command Type' to be 'Utterances' and then enter one or more utterance commands:

Setting up utterances

You can find a list of all Utterance objects in the knowledge base.