Please login once to your adenin Digital Assistant before using the bot.

The email used for your Microsoft Teams account does not match an existing user in Digital Assistant. This usually means that you do not have a Digital Assistant account yet. To register, just go here and follow the "Continue with Microsoft 365" option. If you alreday have an account, double check you logged in at least once to the web app.

I'm sorry. I did not understand: [...]

This error message means the AI engine couldn't find a match to your query. Try and compare it with the response you get when you send the same request through the Digital Assistant web app.

The responses you get from the chatbot should be identical to the ones you would get directly from the webchat dropdown (shown below).

Chances are you will get the same error message there, in which case you need to train the Assistant to understand more utterances or add more apps to your Assistant from the App Directory.