Configure a proxy tunnel for connectors

You may find yourself wanting to forward the connections Digital Assistant makes via its connectors, through a proxy. This might help to get around blocks on your company network for example, creating a special exception to these blocks only for the data Digital Assistant needs to fetch from external services.

To do this requires editing just one global setting in the Workplace Manager, then all your connectors will use the provided proxy by default. You will need to supply your own proxy service to use. Be sure have the server details to hand before proceeding.

Enable the proxy server

In Workplace Manager, navigate to Settings → Global and in the Select setting dropdown, select Proxy Server Configuration (adenin.GateKeeper.ProxyServer).


Now, all that is required is to toggle on the Enable Proxy Server Usage switch, and enter the proxy host, port, username and password. The username and password are optional, and should not be entered if your server does not accept or require authentication.

Select the checkmark button, and the proxy should now be used as a tunnel for all connections made by your connectors.