Configure the Atlassian Jira integration

To use the Atlassian Jira integration with Digital Assistant, some initial configuration is required. Follow the steps below to begin.

You can add the Atlassian Jira integration to your Digital Assistant from the App Directory.

  1. Navigate to the Connectors page in the Digital Assistant administration view.

  2. Click Manage for the Atlassian Jira integration and select Edit. The configuration modal will open.

    Integration configuration modal
  3. Enter the following information in the configuration fields:

    Access Code Service Endpoint: Access Token Service Endpoint: URL: the base URL of your Atlassian Jira instance, e.g.

  4. The Client ID, Client Secret and URL fields are specific to your Atlassian Jira instance. You will need to perform the following steps to configure your instance and generate a unique Client ID and Client Secret.

    To begin, navigate to the Atlassian Developer App Management portal. You will need to login with your Atlassian Jira credentials.

  5. Select Create new app.

  6. Name the app something memorable and click Create.

    Create Atlassian app
  7. In the left hand navigation, select OAuth 2.0 (3LO).

    Configure OAuth 2.0
  8. In the field Callback URL, enter then click Save changes.

    Configure OAuth 2.0
  9. In the left hand navigation, select + Add.

  10. Under Jira platform REST API, click Add and then Configure.

    Add scopes
  11. Click Add next to the scopes View Jira issue data (read:jira-work) and View user profiles (read:jira-user).

  12. Navigate back to the App details page. The Client ID and Secret keys are now available at the bottom of the page. Copy these values into the Digital Assistant configuration modal.

  13. Select Next step to advance to the Card selection view, then Create Cards to save the integration configuration.

The Atlassian Jira integration is now configured and ready for use with your Digital Assistant.