Connect Digital Assistant with IntelliEnterprise's authentication

You can use Digital Assistant alongside your existing IntelliEnterprise installation. Follow the instructions below to connect your Digital Assistant installation to IntelliEnterprise intranet.

Follow these steps to install and configure the adenin Workplace Manager on a server with an existing installation of IntelliEnterprise. With federated authentication, IntelliEnterprise will manage user accounts and handle authentication for the adenin Workplace Manager.

This requires IntelliEnterprise Release 14 or newer.

Create an additional IIS website

Open IIS Manager. For example, select Tools – Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager from the Windows Server Manager. Expand the server node in the left-hand navigation panel and select Sites. Select Add website from the context menu or from the right-hand Actions panel.

![IIS Manager Add Site](/assets/images/uploads/30 - IIS Manager Add Website.png)

Enter details as in the following screenshot and click OK.

![Add AWM Website](/assets/images/uploads/31 - IIS Manager AWM Website.png)

Install the adenin Workplace Manager (AWM)

From the Windows Server Manager, select Manage – Add Roles and Features and verify that ASP.NET 4.5 is installed. Install it now if it is not yet installed.

![Install ASP.NET 4.5](/assets/images/uploads/38 - ASPNET45.png)

If you haven't already, install and configure the adenin Workplace Manager (AWM).

When the AWM Server Configuration tool prompts for the Web Site, select the additional web site that you created during the previous step.

![Select Website](/assets/images/uploads/52 - AWM Server Configuration Website.png)

Install a server certificate

Open IIS Manager, select the server node and open the Server Certificates feature.

![Install a server certificate](/assets/images/uploads/60 - IIS Manager Self Signed Cert.png)

If you wish to install an official certificate, follow the instructions provided by your certificate authority. Otherwise, go ahead and select Create Self-Signed Certificate, enter a friendly name for the certificate and select the "Personal" certificate store.

![Personal certificate](/assets/images/uploads/61 - IIS Manager Self Signed Cert.png)

The certificate key must be readable for the IIS Application Pool running the adenin website. Open the Certificates MMC snap-in for the local computer. For example, type "certificates" on the Start menu or Start screen and select Manage computer certificates. In the left-hand navigation panel, select Personal – Certificates. Right-click your certificate and select All Tasks – Manage Private Keys.

![Private Key](/assets/images/uploads/65 - Cert Private Key.png)

Click Add and type "IIS APPPOOL\adenin AppPool" to select the user. Give read permission to this user.

![adenin user](/assets/images/uploads/66 - Cert Private Key adenin User.png)

If your adenin Application Pool uses a different identity, use this instead.

Configure IntelliEnterprise to enable AWM as a Relying Party

Login to your IntelliEnterprise portal and go to Administration – Application Properties. Click New to create a new record.

![New App Property](/assets/images/uploads/70 - IE App Property.png)

Enter the following values:

  • Section: "Login"
  • Name: "RelyingParties"
  • Value: Enter the domain name of your server as it appears in the URLs of the AWM. Multiple domain names may be separated with commas. For example, to test the setup locally, you may also add "localhost".

Then click Save.

![App Properties](/assets/images/uploads/71 - IE App Property.png)

Configure AWM to use IntelliEnterprise as a Security Token Service

In the Administration area of your AWM, go to Settings – Identity. Select Federated Identity and enter the Metadata URL. Use the server name of your IntelliEnterprise portal and add the path "/FederationMetadata/2007-06/FederationMetadata.xml". For example, if your IntelliEnterprise URL is http://servername/portal.aspx, enter "http://servername/FederationMetadata/2007-06/FederationMetadata.xml".

![Set up Authentication in AWM](/assets/images/uploads/80 - AWM Fed Identity.png)

Click "Load Metadata" to fetch the federation settings. After a moment, you should see the results, similar to this:

![Identity Metadata](/assets/images/uploads/81 - AWM Fed Identity.png)

Click Save to save the federation settings.

Finally, go to Settings – Federated Identity: Enable and click Confirm to enable federated authentication.

![Enable Identity](/assets/images/uploads/85 - AWM Fed Identity.png)

Next steps

Next, read the guide on how to create a connector from Digital Assistant to IntelliEnterprise.