How to add Digital Assistant to Google Assistant

You can access your Digital Assistant from all of your Google Assistant devices. To get started, all you need to do is follow this one-time set up process.

  1. To get your personal invite to the Digital Assistant action, get in touch with us however you prefer; you can reach us through our contact page, or via our live chat (quickest).

  2. We'll send you a link with your personal invite. Click the link to go to the Digital Assistant listing on the Google Assistant actions library, where you'll be able to add the Digital Assistant action to your Google Assistant.

  3. Click Send to Device and choose one of your available devices to make the Digital Assistant action accessible on that device.

    Send to device

    If you don't have any compatible devices listed, click Try it to download Google Assistant for your device.

  4. When prompted by your device, open the Digital Workplace action. You will be asked to link the action to your Google account; choose Yes to continue.

    Add action to Google account
  5. You will then be asked to log into your Digital Assistant acccount. Once logged in, you will be prompted to authorize Google Assistant's access to your Digital Assistant account; choose Allow to continue.

    Authorize in Digital Assistant
  6. The Digital Assistant action is now available in your Google Assistant. You can invoke the Digital Assistant action by asking your Assistant to 'Talk to my Digital Workplace', then try it out!

    Ask your Assistant questions like *"What are my news?"* or *"Are any servers down?"* to query your connected business apps and get AI-powered answers.

    Ask your Assistant anything

Want to connect more of your apps to your Digital Assistant? Check out the Card Hub for all available integrations.