How to customize the Welcome Card

When you open the chatbot in your Assistant, or when new users are added to a Channel like Microsoft Teams, the Assistant sends a Welcome Card. The Welcome Card is also triggered when a user says 'Hi', 'Hello' or a similar query. By default, this Card looks similar to the one below:

Assistant Welcome Card

This Card invites the user to ask Digital Assistant a question. It also guides the user to check which apps are connected to their Assistant on the Linked accounts page in the app.

You can customize the default 'Welcome' response sent by the Assistant with the Adaptive Cards designer tool.

To build a custom response, first navigate to the Cards page in the Administration area.

To customize default Assistant responses, you must be logged in as a user with administrative rights.

A Welcome Card is included in your Assistant by default. Select Manage > Edit for the Welcome Card to open it in the Adaptive Cards design tool.

Edit the Welcome Card

You can now customize the design of the Welcome Card. More guidance on using the Adaptive Cards design tool is available here.

Editing the Welcome Card message

Click Save to save your changes. You can edit the Welcome Card at any time by visiting the Cards page.