How to download and upload components

Workplace Spaces Manager allows you to easily move your components between different systems. For example, if you have created a card component on your local development system you might wish to see how it looks on a testing server. Assuming that both are running Digital Assistant that should only require you to download your components as compressed Zip files from your machine and upload them to the testing server.

Downloading components

To download a component, using the navigation menu on the top left go to Development → Manage Spaces → Global → Components. Here you should see a list of all components on Digital Assistant. Find the component you wish to move and click 'Download'. For this guide, we'll be downloading 'template-news-card':

Downloading a card component

This should download the component to your computer. That's it!

Uploading components

To upload a component to the Workplace Manager, once again navigate to Development → Manage Spaces → Global → Components, where you should see an upload button on the top right:

Upload a component button

You will be able to select a Zip file from your computer to upload. In order to preserve editing capabilities of the uploaded component, you should keep the 'Extract Zip' checkbox ticked.

If you're replacing an existing component with a newer version that changed the metadata (e.g. the newer version uses a new service or a template) you should tick 'Replace existing files' and 'Overwrite metadata'.

Upload component menu

After clicking 'Upload', you should be able to see your component in the components list.