How to import and export components with the command line

Workplace Manager allows to import and export components using the command line, which can be useful when writing automated tests, scripts or as part of a continuous deployment.

Please check this guide, which explains how to get started with using Workplace Manager command line interface (wpm-cli).

Command line import and export operations on components are equivalent to the 'Upload' and 'Download' functionality inside the Workplace Manager, however using the command line can have multiple benefits such as the ability to automate tasks.

For example, if you wanted to export multiple components in a certain category all at once, you could use multiple export commands within a response file.

Updating an existing component

To update an existing component you can use the component importorupdate <component-path> command, which will take the path to your archived component (in a Zip format) and use it to overwrite an existing component in the Workplace manager.

Update an existing component using command line

Importing a new component

To import a new component you can use the component import <component-path> command.

Import component

This command fails if the specified component already exists. If you wish to update a component use `component importorupdate `.

Exporting a component

To export a component you will need to know the name of the component you wish to export. You can find the name of the component if you click on Development → Manage Spaces in the left navigation menu of Workplace Manager and navigate to Global → Components:

Component name

Then you can use the component export <component-name> command, which will export the component and print its destination path:

Exporting a component