How to: Install PostgreSQL for Digital Assistant

This guide will go through setting up PostgreSQL server for Digital Assistant. First of all download the latest version of PostgreSQL. This guide will install PostgreSQL v10 on Windows Server 2016.

To begin start the installation file:

PostgreSQL Installation start

In the next screen specify PostgreSQL installation directory:

PostgreSQL Installation select directory

Next, you can select which components of PostgreSQL you would like to install. Make sure that you install PostgreSQL Server. Installing pgAdmin is also recommended:

PostgreSQL Installation select components

In the following screen you can select directory to store your data:

PostgreSQL Installation select data directory

Then, you'll have to set a password for the database superuser ('postgres'). Make sure to use a strong password using a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, symbols and numbers.

PostgreSQL Installation set password

Following that, you will be able to select port used by the database (or keep the default):

PostgreSQL Installation select port

In the following screen you can set the database cluster locale. For this guide we're going to keep the default value:

PostgreSQL Installation select cluster locale

In the next screen you should see a summary of components that will be installed:

PostgreSQL Installation component summary

After clicking 'Next' install should start. It will take several minutes to complete:

PostgreSQL Installation progress

Once installation is finished you'll see installation screen for Stack Builder, which is optional. You can untick the checkbox and finish the installation:

PostgreSQL Installation finish

Running pgAdmin

If pgAdmin is installed you can log into your PostgreSQL server using the superuser password you set during the installation:

pgAdmin login