How to install the Microsoft Teams app for Digital Assistant

For organizations that want to customize or self-manage their Teams app, we offer an installable app package.

  1. Download the Digital Assistant app package Start download
  2. As the admin user for your Teams instance, double check that allowing custom apps is enabled
  3. Log into your Teams app with admin privileges
  4. Navigate to the Apps tab in the bottom left-hand corner
  5. Scroll down to *Upload a custom app* and select *Upload for [your company name]*
  6. Select the package from your Downloads folder
  7. The uploaded package should now appear in the *Built for [your company name]* section for you and other users to use. If the app doesn't appear, please contact support as there may be an issue with the app manifest.
  8. To finish the setup, please click on the new Digital Assistant app and click on the Add button in the dialog

Update an existing Teams app

If you already have the Digital Assistant Teams app installed, but want to update the package to the latest version, follow these steps.

  1. Download the latest package Start download
  2. file Navigate to the Apps section in Teams, and click the ellipsis icon of the Digital Assistant app. Then click Update
  3. Select the package from your Downloads folder