Import components from Git

Digital Assistant allows you to store your components in a version control repository, such as Github or Bitbucket and seamlessly import it into the workplace manager. This guide will show how to import an Assistant Card from a Github repository:

Demo Github repository

To start, in the top left menu navigate to Development → Manage Spaces → Global → Components. Here you should see a 'Import from Git' button:

Import with Git button

In the following screen you need to input the Url of the repository you wish to import:

Input the url of repository to import

After clicking on 'Import', workplace manager detects that we're trying to import an Assistant Card and asks if we would like to create new content for this component e.g. a Service connector. For this guide, we're going to skip it:

New content creation window

You should now be able to see your repository in the list of components:

See imported repository in the list of components

And the folder contains the card from our Github repository:

Inside the imported component folder