Set up the Microsoft Teams integration for Digital Assistant

Digital Assistant can be used as a chat bot user inside Microsoft Teams through a Microsoft Web Chat channel. This article well explain how to set up such a Web Chat channel and how to connect it to Digital Assistant.

1. Set up a Bot Channel

MS Azure Bot Channel Registration

  1. Go to your Microsoft Azure portal and click on Create a resource

  2. Search for and select Bot Channels Registration

  3. Click Create

    On the details view of the Bot Channel Registration, click Create.

You will now configure this new bot channel as follows:


  1. Give your Bot a name
  2. Create or use an existing resource group
  3. Pick a location closest to your physical location
  4. Under Messaging endpoint we want to point to our Digital Assistant installation as https://<PublicServerURL>/api/messages
  5. Check Pin to dashboard, and then click Create.

New dashboard tile

You should now have a new tile on your dashboard. Click on it to continue.

2. Configure settings


  1. Click on Settings

  2. On the Settings page under Microsoft App ID, click Manage.

    Also take note of the ID itself as this will be necessary in the next step.

  3. Generate new Password

    Click on Generate new Password

    Note this password somewhere safe, as you cannot retrieve it later.
  4. Click Save

    Scroll to the bottom of the window and click on Save

3. Configure the Channel

Bot Channel

  1. Next up, click on Channels
  2. The Web Chat channel should be listed by default. Click on Edit.
  3. Web Chat Channel Keys Underneath one of the Secret keys click on Show
  4. Take a note of the key as we will need it in the next step

4. Configuring Digital Assistant

Setting up Digital Assistant

In Digital Assistant go to https://<PublicServerURL>/Admin/adenin.GateKeeper/GlobalSettings/adenin.GateKeeper.MSBuilderBot and then follow these steps:

  1. Enter the Microsoft App Id as noted under step 2
  2. Enter the Microsoft App Password as noted under step 2 also
  3. Enter the Bot web chat secret as noted under step 3
  4. Click the checkmark icon to save

5. Setting up the Microsoft Teams Channel

Other Chat Bot Channels

Returning to the Azure portal just one more time, click on Channels and then select the Microsoft Teams icon from the 'Add a featured channel' section.

MS Teams Channel added

There aren't any further settings that need configuring, just click Done to finish.

You can now deploy your Digital Assistant bot to your corporate Teams' Store or learn how to publish your bot through Microsoft AppSource.