Set up the Workplace by Facebook integration for Digital Assistant

You can use Digital Assistant from inside Workplace by Facebook as a chatbot. Follow the instructions below to connect your Digital Assistant installation with your Workplace account.

If you're running Digital Assistant in a local environment, you need to first make your web server publicly accessible.

1. Setup Facebook bot

Go to your Workplace by Facebook by navigating to and then create a new integration.

Create Custom Facebook Bot Integration

  1. Open Integrations. You will need System Administrator privileges to access this page.
  2. Under 'Custom integrations' click on Create Custom Integration

On the next screen you can name your new integration. Click Create to continue.

Name new integration

Now we need to edit the new integration.

Edit Integration

  1. Select Message any member
  2. Select Read user email
  3. Click on Create Access Token
  4. Get token Take a note of your Access Token, it will be needed in the next step
  5. Confirm the message
  6. Click Done

2. Setup Digital Assistant

Before we can continue the setup of our new integration, we need to configure the Facebook Bot Settings inside Digital Assistant.

Digital Assistant Bot Configuration for Workplace by Facebook

  1. Open https://<ServerPublicUrl>/Admin/adenin.GateKeeper/GlobalSettings/adenin.GateKeeper.FacebookBot
  2. Paste the previously saved Access Token into the Bot Access Token field.
  3. Under Verification Token you need to create your own, secure string which will be required in the next step.
  4. Click the checkmark button to save your settings.

3. Configure Webhook settings

Integration Webhook Settings

Now let's return to our Integrations setup on Workplace. To finish the setup follow the below steps:

  1. Open the Configure Webhooks section
  2. As the Callback URL enter https://<ServerPublicUrl>/botfacebook
  3. Paste the Verify Token that you defined yourself during the above step
  4. Check messages and messaging_postbacks
  5. Click Save

If you receive an error message during saving, please double check with your Administrator that the Callback URL is correct, the server is reachable and the Access Token and Verify Token are correct.

Webhook callback verification

4. Test Chatbot

Workplace Chat

To test our new Chatbot, just go to Workplace Chat.

If the bot replies with "Please login once to your Digital Assistant before using the bot." then the current user either wasn't matched with a user in Digital Assistant, or hasn't logged in.