Universal Card Templates

We provide a catalog of Universal Card Templates. These templates contain Cards which work unilaterally across all Channels, and can be used by a connector to display data in Card form on any Channel.

This specification defines the data structure that Universal Card Templates require, such that connectors can deliver data in that structure that can be immediately used across all Channels.

Sample collection

A sample collection of all Card Templates detailled in this reference is available for download. Each Card Template has a corresponding request, including example data and scripts. To download the sample collection, click the link below.

Run in Postman

To view the results of a sample request, open the request and click Send. The rendered Card can be viewed in the Visualize tab of the response pane.

For more information about Postman connectors, please refer to the guide Build a new connector with Postman.


For a Card based on a Universal Card Template to be shown in the notifications dropdown, the connector must additionally return the following data. This is applicable to all Universal Card Templates.

Text to be shown in the notifications dropdown `string`
The current date in the UTC time zone, formatted in ISO 8601 `date`
Whether the notification is actionable. Cards will only show in the notifications dropdown if this is _true_. `boolean`

The connector may optionally also return the following data:

URL of the _More_ link at the bottom of the card `string`
Label for the _More_ link at the bottom of the card `string`
URL of an image, typically the logo of the source system `string`
A value to be shown as a badge (when thumbnail is provided) `string`
The color for the value badge (if shown) `string`
Accepts one of the following options: _red_, _yellow_, _green_, _blue_