Web Components

Digital Assistant UI components are a set of HTML5 building blocks that can be combined in order to quickly assemble an application or a new interaction on a Card. There is a wide range of such UI elements, from buttons, over Google Maps embedding to database lookup fields, and many more.

Google Polymer elements

The components are framework agnostic, open-source and build on Google's Polymer project. Polymer is a modern take on JS libraries, underpinned by the widely adopted HTML5 standard (with so called 'polyfills' to add support for older browser like Internet Explorer 8).

Polymer is widely recognized for making it easier to build web applications with reusable, customizable and encapsulated components that work just like a <div> or any other HTML element.

Check out the interactive demos of our custom Web Components and use them in your Card Designer projects like you would use a <div>.

We gave a cool talk about Google Polymer a couple of years ago, check it out.