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With over 100 business-ready components right out of the box, IntelliEnterprise is the fastest way to get you started with your Intranet.

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It's like a PA for your information. Instantly see all the contextually relevant information to finish your tasks.

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Bi-directional and contextual navigation

Just do business.

Easily customizable business apps, process automization and expert integration with your systems. The ready-to-business Intranet.

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BYOD-ready and fully functional, IntelliEnterprise comes with a mobile front-end you can completely customize.

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The revolutionary IntranetModeler is the fastest way to prototype and implement a custom-made Intranet.

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With the new IntelliEnterprise Release 12, we have redefined everything that defines Intranet.
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Introducing Now Workplace — The Digital Workplace Add-on for IntelliEnterprise Intranet Suite
Boston, MA — 22th June 2015 — adenin today unveiled Now Workplace, a new extension for IntelliEnterprise that gives enterprises all the tools they need to empower a digital workforce.
adenin IntelliEnterprise Version 12
adenin has released Version 12 of the IntelliEnterprise Intranet platform. The primary focus of the enhancements in this version is on the user interface, with many new design and display features that make an Intranet more accessible on the variety of devices employees use every day: smartphones, iPads and other tablets, laptops and desktops.

What's A Wireframe? Why Do You Need It?
A “wireframe” is a simple sketch or schematic diagram representing the content and functionality of a single web page. A set of multiple wireframes representing an entire intranet becomes the prototype, or model of the site to come. Since they are quick to create and easy to change, wireframes are an integral part of the web design and development process.