Software that means business.

Our mission is to bring IT into the future by delivering applications that make more with the data you already have today. The problem with modern IT isn’t that we don’t know how to make apps or use smartphones for it. The problem is data: Organizations generate a lifetime worth of data, every day.

But where it sits, on employee desktops, company servers or countless on-premise and cloud based applications, is where the problem is. This data is isolated. It cannot talk to each other, it has no way of being all pulled together. Up until now that is.

Introducing a new generation of freedom: Freedom to recombine data without limitations from manufacturers, freedom to use any device and OS at any time and wherever you are, freedom to add value without adding complexity.


The most feature-rich Intranet Suite on the market.

Expect an Intranet solution that features more out-of-the-box components than any other product today. It is a business-ready, simple to set up solution that is packed with all our knowledge and experience in forms of best-practice templates, an intuitive site architect and components for anything from social, over document management to powerful database integration and customizable business applications and workflows.

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Mobility Portal Server

Game-changer for data accessibility.

Mobility Portal Server consolidates existing data flows in a united and cohesive way that can be used as the motor for an all-new range of mobile-first applications. It opens up endless possibilities from simply making data mobile, to make it all instantaneously searchable, to recombining it within an easy-to-use App designer to create your custom-tailored and capable mobile apps. All that, while not adding any new layers of complexity or manipulating original data sources.

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Now Assistant

Listen to the future.

Now Assistant uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand your voice and translate your commands into a turn-by-turn conversation between you and your data and business processes. It’s smart and will learn from your environment, your routines and schedules to deliver results it deems contextually most relevant to what you’re doing or specifically requesting.

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