Creating a Connector to IntelliEnterprise

You can use Digital Assistant alongside your existing IntelliEnterprise installation. Follow the instructions below to connect your Digital Assistant installation to IntelliEnterprise intranet.

To complete this guide, you'll first need to connect Digital Assistant with IntelliEnterprise's authentication.

Create Connector

To add a Connector to IntelliEnterprise navigate to Content Manager - Service Connectors - Create New Connector. On the following page enter these details:

![Connector to Intranet](/assets/images/uploads/IE Connector.png)

Enter a unique technical name for this Connector. This will be used repeatedly on the next page.
Enter a title for this Connector
Connectory Type
Pick IntelliEnterprise
Api Key
Enter or generate an Api Key (shared secret), which will be needed in the next step
Service Url
Is the URL of your IntelliEnterprise site
Tenant Id
The Company Id of your installation, this is usually 1 by default
Page Name
The page name of the home page, usually portal.aspx
Fixed User Account
Use this to impersonate all requests made to IntelliEnterprise as one user (less secure)
Cache response
Leave at 0
Roles allowed to view this content
Allows you to define which roles of Workplace Manager users will be technically allowed to be shown data coming from this Connector

Configure the IntelliEnterprise Server

On the server which hosts IntelliEnterprise, go to the 'adenin' folder in 'Program Files', and then go to "adenin\Web\web.config". Open the file with a text editor and add an Application Setting called authProxies:

<add key="authProxies" value="cid=ApiKey" />

The strings cid and ApiKey of the value attribute need to be replaced with the values for Tenant Id and Api Key from the Connector's configuration.

So for the example above the line would be <add key="authProxies" value="1=5pyjg5qaasqdzvx3n7d1qa" />