Digital Assistant s an intelligent Digital Assistant for the modern workplace

No more running from mundane and repetitive work with the intelligent Digital Workplace assistant

Connect your smart assistant to all your data, switch it on on and ask it do to anything from anywhere; your home, in the car or at work.

The ask anything, go everywhere, AI-powered platform for smart enterprises.

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AI Chatbot, Digital Workplace

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AI Chatbot, Digital Workplace

Build an AI chatbot for your team in 10 steps

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How to make SharePoint into a successful digital workplace

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Achieve more with a Smart Assistant for the Workplace

Use your time at work effectively with a smart assistant

Save valuable time

Make staying up to date effortless; proactively receive everything you need to get on with your day and never miss an update again. Ask a question or give a command and your smart assistant will make it happen within seconds.

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Be more productive with the smart assistant for a smart office

Digital transformation platform

Integrate existing enterprise systems into an AI-powered actionable stream of Assistant Cards. Manage workflows, get instant notifications and automate business processes, wherever you are – so you can focus on what matters, without having to break your flow.

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Work wherever you work best with Digital Assistant

Smart work, anywhere

At the office in SharePoint, at home with Alexa, on the go with the Slack app or anywhere on the web with the Chrome extension - Digital Assistant works where you work, so you can always access the information you need to get things done.

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