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Artificial Intelligence

adenin AI understands natural language, predicts relevant info and learns from your behavior to make your workday a breeze. Let Digital Assistant manage the complex yet tedious aspects of everyday work that slow you down. AI for business made simple by your very own intelligent personal assistant.

Assistant Cards

Interactive Assistant Cards show key info at a glance and let the user take direct action on the go.

Smart Office

Work smarter, not harder is the goal of the smart office – and there is a lot of potential for software, hardware and office equipment and even furniture to come together under the smart office umbrella.

Alexa Integration

With skills for Alexa you can get a morning briefing with your morning coffee.

Digital Employee Experience

Unifying disconnected data into a centralized, personalized stream is the key to unlocking a holistic Digital Workplace.

Digital Transformation

Say goodbye to siloed platforms, with API and Database connectors you can seamlessly integrate your entire corporate data pool.