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Experienced in implementation, packed with features and praised for customer support, adenin’s dedicated Enterprise Team guarantees your investment will see an ROI in the first year.

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What do Enterprise plans include

We know Enterprise customers have higher requirements when it comes to safety and availability – all our Enterprise plans come with:

  • Extra features to address scalability and safety
  • Peace-of-mind with higher levels of Support
  • Possible on-premise installation and early access to updates

Interoperable AI Engine

Support for load balancing

Proxy and DMZ support

Cross identity-service user matching

Granular security and platform management

24/7 Support

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Experience Digital Assistant’s core features

Redefining the relationship between employee and workplace technology includes a range of great, new interfaces and features that we want you to get to know.

Card-based UI

Cards are smart, real-time and actionable units of information.

Assistant Cards·Fulfillment Cards

Smart Office

How the Internet of Things and smart office and smart home tech is the key to success.

Alexa for Business·Smart Office·Enterprise Chatbots

Digital Workplace

Consumerization of tech leads to unparalleled opportunities for workplace experiences.

AI for Business·Digital Employee Experience·Digital Transformation·SharePoint Framework Extension

Recognized by industry and enterprises alike

We’re extremely excited that both customers and industry experts share and elevate our vision of a future of work that creates new opportunities.

Recognized by industry and enterprises alike

Digital Assistant guarantess an ROI in the first 12 months

We are confident that our software is the boost your Digital Transformation needed to become a resounding success.

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17% increase

in employee engagement and workplace satisfaction

$50M annually saved

by unifying application access with Digital Assistant