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Pick your existing work apps from the App Directory and make your
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Constantly collecting real-time updates, your Assistant is the only place you need to check to catch up on your apps.

Notifications can be customized so you only receive what's relevant to you.

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Fits right into your existing workplace tools

Microsoft Teams chatbot with Adaptive Cards

Just add your Assistant chatbot to your Microsoft Teams, and you can ask it for any of your Adaptive Cards using AI. Can also be added to teams, for sharing Cards with colleagues.

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Chatbot using Slack Block Kit

Just add the Digital Assistant app to Slack and you can ask your AI chatbot as if it was your colleague.

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SharePoint WebPart that shows Adaptive Cards

Display your Adaptive Cards right inside SharePoint, as WebParts, on the Viva Dashboard or in search results – and your users will love your Intranet again.

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Webex chatbot that uses Adaptive Cards

Get the most out of your Webex by enriching it with an AI-powered chatbot that brings up any Adaptive Card you designed.

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Travel Request Card from Concur Travel Request Card from Concur
Business travel request Card Business travel request Card
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Make your own Adaptive Cards with ease

It’s super easy to combine your apps’s live data with a customizable layout using our Adaptive Card Designer.

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Get your own smart workplace in just a few clicks — perfect to organize your own workplace or that of your small team. And the best part? It's free forever.

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