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Receive smart notifications about your workday, ask your personal AI anything on the go and work smarter by integrating all existing business data into one solution.

SharePoint integration Your name was mentioned in a comment for Product Update Brochure.docx
Office 365 integration Your manager just sent you an email with the word “urgent” in it.
Statuspage integration The API response time for Customer Portal has been on average 8000ms over the past half hour.
Webex integration It’s 5 minutes into your Marketing Check-In meeting and you haven’t joined yet.
Webex integration It’s 5 minutes into your Marketing Check-In meeting and you haven’t joined yet.
Webex integration It’s 5 minutes into your Marketing Check-In meeting and you haven’t joined yet.

Smart workplace notificationsGet smart workplace notifications in one place

adenin AI constantly scans your data for notable events and notifies you in real-time using the intelligent Assistant Cards, so you don’t waste any time catching up with system-generated emails.

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Digital Employee ExperienceKeep up to date with your data with a single glance

Digital Assistant continously pulls live data from all your connected services so you can get an overview over your day by simply glancing at your personalized Board. And if things change in the source, they’ll update instantly. The ultimate way to get back valuable time.

Service desk Card
Intelligent IT Card
Leave allowance Card
Upcoming meetings Card
Sales goals Card
Cafeteria Card
Pending approvals Card

Ask your Assistant anything from anywhere

Whether it’s to request a briefing, get some data or work through your tasks – Digital Assistant works on all your devices, even smart assistants in your home or your car.

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Speak, type, open the browser extension or even embed it into your existing Intranet. Digital Assistant goes everywhere where users already are and is not “another” app they have to go to – giving users ultimate flexibility to work however they want.

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