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User: How much PTO do I have? Assistant: I'll get your latest allowance from the HR app Workday Leave Status Card: 98 hours remaining Action buttons: 'Start a new PTO request' and 'PTO policy'
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Get direct answers and no canned responses

The AI chatbot is trained to respond to users using built-in Adaptive Cards. These give you a rich layout with data loaded straight from the source app, doing away with static replies that link out to other sites.

  • Open-source standard compatible with Microsoft Teams, Webex Teams and other intranet products
  • Securely refreshes Adaptive Card data for each user with their account token
  • Bots cause less friction than dedicated employee apps as they work within chat tools
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Let the assistant handle frequent queries autonomously

By creating or importing banks of QnA-style questions the digital assistant can save IT, Servicedesk and HR teams valuable time by giving direct and helpful answers within a single user inquiry.

  • Retrain and improve the chatbot accuracy over time
  • Multi-lingual support for employees that prefer to ask questions in their primary language
  • Significantly reduce the volume of repetitive tickets that could have been easily solved
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