How does Digital Assistant work?

Connects with your work apps

Just pick all the apps you already use for work from our App Directory, or developers can make custom Connectors for third-party APIs

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Makes it easy to stay in the know

Apps that are relevant can be pinned to your personal Board, so you always have them up-to-date in one convenient view

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Lets you create Adaptive Cards

Select one of the built-in business templates and, if you want, customize their look and feel to match your specific business case

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Plugs into your workplace apps

In addition to it's own web app, the Assistant comes with plug-and-play integrations for SharePoint, Teams, Slack or any intranet site

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Provides AI-powered answers

With a proprietary AI engine you can train your own chatbot to recognize user intents and match them to available Cards

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Eliminates inbox overload

Users can schedule a regular briefing or choose to be instantly alerted whenever the Assistant detects a relevant update

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Every department can deliver a better
employee experience

Human Resources

Offer self-service options through chatbots and leverage intelligence for policy Q-n-As

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Internal Comms

Add relevance to corporate news with tailored delivery and reach users on any device

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Connect via OAuth to all other business apps and offer users next-gen Digital Workplaces

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Collect analytics into one view, enrich the sales pipeline and spot trends way quicker

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Get expert help from the Special Project Ops team

Are you working on a cross-dimensional project for your organization and need to incorporate multiple APIs, chatbots or integrations with workplace tools, such as SharePoint? Speak to our dedicated team of consultants who would be happy to assist

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Customizable chatbot that uses AI to
answer any question

Personal Assistant chatbot

Users can ask their Assistant anything they need and will get intelligent answers with charts, in-chat forms or Q'n'A style responses.

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Predictive typing

Based on the training data, the chatbot suggests queries to the user so they can ask questions around a single keyword.

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Chatbot training suggestions

Combining analytics with user feedback, administrators can easily re-train and improve the accuracy of the AI's intent recognition.

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A win-win for everybody. Delight employees and increase productivity

36% of productivity is wasted looking for information, leading to employee disengagement (Source)

...but as an award-winning digital employee experience tool (Source) we were able to help a customer improve employee satisfaction by 17%

What other platforms does the Assistant run on?

Use your Assistant in Microsoft Teams Microsoft Teams
Use your Assistant in Slack Slack
Use your Assistant in SharePoint SharePoint
Use your Assistant in Cisco Webex Webex

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