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adenin puts Xero data and all your other apps into a personal dashboard. Work smarter and interact, create, or embed your apps anywhich way you want.

adenin logoAdd Xero to adenin Opens your adenin dashboard

Optimize your financial overview with the Xero app for adenin. This integration brings your accounting data directly to your adenin dashboard, providing a real-time snapshot of invoices, expenses, and cash flow. Tailored for front-end developers who need to keep an eye on project budgets and financials, this adaptive card is your financial control center.


  • Invoices & expenses at a glance: Monitor outstanding and paid invoices, along with categorized expenses, without switching away from your adenin dashboard.
  • Low-code customization: Use adenin's intuitive low-code designer to configure a Xero dashboard that provides the financial insights most relevant to you.
  • Timely notifications: Receive real-time alerts for invoice payments, due bills, or bank account updates, ensuring you never miss a financial beat.
  • API integration: Tap into Xero's API to customize your financial dashboard even further. Need to pull in detailed reports or specific transactions? You've got it.
  • Multi-account tracking: Easily connect and keep track of multiple Xero accounts, perfect for those managing both personal and project finances.

Get started with the Xero integration

These 2 Xero Cards can be added to your personal dashboard or intranet straight away:

Adaptive Card for Upcoming leaves (UK/NZ) that can be integrated into SharePoint intranets or works on personal dashboards
Upcoming leaves (UK/NZ)
adenin logo Add to my dashboard

Make your own Adaptive Cards from Xero data

Once you connect the Xero API to your adenin account, a Card with your desired data will be generated and added to your dashboard.

Making changes to this Card’s layout is easy with our low-code Adaptive Card designer. Simply click on the ··· button and then Edit in Designer.

It’s incredibly developer-friendly and lets you drag-and-drop new elements into your design, or adjust the visual properties by selecting any element from the preview area.

Travel Request Card from Concur Travel Request Card from Concur
Business travel request Card Business travel request Card
User profile block
Image block Image block

Available data sources

The Xero connector API provides these 3 endpoints:

Xero integration
Bank accounts
Shows the balances from your bank acconuts as they are in Xero
Xero integration
Upcoming leaves (AU)
See upcoming employee leave from your Australian Xero account
Xero integration
Upcoming leaves (UK/NZ)
See upcoming employee leave from your connected Xero (UK/NZ) account

How to install the Xero integration on your personal dashboard

  1. Click the Add button below

    adenin logoAdd Xero to adenin
  2. Either log in or create your free adenin account. Then you will be directed to your personal dashboard where the installation of your Xero integration will start.

  3. Follow the steps in the modal by clicking Next including selecting your data source, authorizing your Xero account and more attributes (if they are required).

    At the end click Finish and our built-in smart technology generates a Card with the live data it received from the Xero API.

    Image of Xero  securely connecting with authorization from user
    Xero  icon


  4. Your Card will now appear on your adenin dashboard.

  5. Modify or embed your Adaptive Card from the ··· button in the top right-hand corner of your card:

    Click Edit in Designer to open the Card’s layout in the low-code Adaptive Card designer.

    By clicking Share you can see options for embedding your Card into intranet and chatbot channels. For example, your Xero integration works as a SharePoint web part, or with chatbots such as Microsoft Teams.

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