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Using an open-source standard, our built-in designer makes developers happy and establishes a secure connection with your APIs in just a few clicks

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Showing an AI generated preview of a Card after analyzing incoming JSON AI generated card

Save time and let the AI write a Card for you

We analyze the incoming response from your API and let our smart generator come up with a design for your Card.

  • Quick shortcut to a Card showing lists, counters or forms that makes it easier for new users to understand Adaptive Cards
  • Just add finishing touches: the Card is already connected to your data source, so you can immediately start adapting the layout (if you want)
  • No messing about with endpoints, tokens and request headers: We've taken care of all the hassle of connecting to the API, so you can focus on making a great-looking Adaptive Card
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Design flexibility in a developer-friendly package

We’ve enhanced the open-source Adaptive Card standard and gave it extra superpowers to make designing your Card as easy as pie.

  • Summary view: is used to create a little summary when you resize Cards to a small square, in Viva Connections and for chatbots
  • Empty state: defines when your Card is considered empty and displays a customizable message
  • Notification text and text response: create a customized text for notifications and verbal response used for audio-only channels
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Designed for business use cases

We've thought of everything: from training the chatbot, over connecting live data sources, to deploying Cards to 3rd party pages. It’s never been so easy to create a cohesive and connected experience for your internal and external customers.

  • Personalization built-in so users securely see just their tickets, their tasks, their PTO allowance, etc.
  • The adenin web app is responsive design and can be installed on virtually any device without the need for app store approval1
  • Match your corporate look with customizable logos, fonts and colors
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Support for non-Adaptive Card channels

Our version of Adaptive Cards contain ancillary metadata, such as verbal responses and summary sentences, that are used to formulate responses for channels that use their own templating language, e.g. Alexa, Slack or ChatGPT.

  • No extra code needed: Supporting 3rd party channels requires no extra intervention from developers as it intelligently re-uses metadata that already exists in the Cardʼs payload
  • Write once, deploy everywhre: Not only are our Adaptive Cards compatible with 3rd party client integrations, their open-source format guarantee that you can port your Card to other platforms in the future
  • Adaptive Cards are considered omni-channel which meets modern businesses demands to have a future-proof standard on which to build their next-generation experiences on
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A schematic showing how Adaptive Cards get translated into ChatGPT Slack Block Kit and Alexa Display Language

Easily deploy your Adaptive Cards to these workplace apps

Get more from your existing digital workplace platforms by easily embedding your adenin apps and Cards that stay in sync across multiple channels

Make your own beautiful Adaptive Cards

With the low-code designer you can easily create your own use cases or tweak one of the
dozens of business templates

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1 As a Progressive Web App (PWA) the adenin application can be installed on any device where the browser supports Web App Manifests. Chromium-based browsers, as well as current iOS versions, are supported; however full details can be taken from the latest W3C documentation