adenin Personal dashboard Easily monitor your work apps from one customizable space

Stay better informed than ever before while reclaiming time for your jobʼs main focus. Simply add your essential work apps’ and adapt your dashboard cards.

adenin Technologies
A dashboard showing customization options for a specific Adaptive Card

Personalization at itʼs core

Unlike regular team-wide dashboards, adenin is like a personal homescreen. Every app you connect is represented as an Adaptive Card thatʼs easy to arrange, pin and customize.

  • Never miss important updates as you always see live data thatʼs securely received from your apps and APIs
  • Perfect for freelancers, managers and business owners that need an aggregated live view of their data
  • Low-code Adaptive Card designer helps with making layout changes that match your precise business case
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Emeddable team dashboards

Business leaders can improve their teamsʼ performance by building shared dashboards in minutes. Connect your colleaguesʼ tools and help them respond to issues faster, achieve their goals, and stay on top of business KPIs.

  • Instantly connect to 80+ business data sources and continously import live data to the dashboard
  • Enhance existing intranets by embedding your dashboard, for example in SharePoint, Viva Connections or Wordpress
  • Theme your dashboard to match your corporate identity by customizing colors, logos and fonts
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A dashboard of Adaptive Cards embedded into a SharePoint page as a web part
Customization options

Get instant workplace zen

On your dashboard, a quick glance is all you need to determine if there’s something requiring your attention. Stay focused for longer by relying on adeninʼs servers constantly checking and filtering your connected apps for updates.

  • You can adjust the conditions for when a card is considered updated
  • Updated cards are marked by a blue dot and a counter badge is added to your browser tab
  • No false alerts: if the situation passes, e.g. tickets are assigned to someone else, the badge clears itself
Start your own dashboard 

Enhance existing intranets by embedding the adenin dashboard

Get more from your existing digital workplace platforms by easily embedding your adenin apps and Cards that stay in sync across multiple channels