adenin integrations Programmable search engine integration

Programmable search engine integration

Programmable search engine integration integration from adenin

Have you ever wanted to get the infamous Google answer cards for your own implementation of Google's programmable search engine? With adenin you now can.

Simply connect existing data sources, APIs and databases to your adenin account and train the built-in language processor to retrieve data as needed. Then build your Adaptive Cards (using the low-code built-in designer) which will be shown above your regular PSE search results.

  • Supercharge your PSE results page with visually pleasing Adaptive Cards that show live data to your users

  • Improve productivity by bringing direct answers to personal questions to your search engine, i.e. "How much PTO do I have?"

  • Take advantage of a whole suite of channels that let you deploy the same Adaptive Cards to other work channels, such as SharePoint, MS Teams, and many more...

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