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Digital Assistant
Your smart assistant for work

Digital Assistant works on your desktop with all of your favorite enterprise apps

Work digitally and receive notifications about business updates in your favorite enterprise chat. Get back valuable time by taking instant actions without having to leave.

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Smart assistants

Chat bots

Your workplace

Speak, type, open the browser extension or even embed it into your existing Intranet. Digital Assistant goes everywhere where users already are and is not “another” app they have to go to – giving users ultimate flexibility to work however they want.

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Smart workplace notifications

Smart workplace notificationsGet smart workplace notifications in one place

The AI is constantly checking your data for changed values, updates from colleagues or notable events and informs you using actionable Assistant Cards, so you don’t waste any time reading dozens of unrelevant emails and streams everyday.

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Powered by artificial intelligenceArtificial Intelligence to get instant results

Without having to navigate multiple systems anymore the AI can answer any question instantly – whether it’s the latest sales figures, how much leave you have left or whether you can travel business class. It reduces time users spend searching for answers and thus increasing productivity.

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Artificial intelligence for business insights
Amazon Echo Show integration Platform-agnostic rich media cards

Digital Employee ExperienceDigital employee experience (DEX) for user happiness

Improve your employees’ satisfaction by giving them modern tools to get work done in the way they prefer. Be it at their desk or on the go, users have all enterprise data at their fingertips, receive smart updates and can take instant action wherever they are.

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The future of work is to integrate all enterprise data

Without requiring migration you can securely start using any enterprise data source within seconds – drastically reducing time required for implementation.

AI that streamlines siloed data into a smart work stream

adenin AI filters all incoming events, updates and alerts and only sends notable and relevant updates to users helping to reduce information overload so they can focus on their core activity.

Integration Architecture

Intgegrate any API, cloud and on-premise source or database securely

adenin AI

Recognizes notable events and fulfills user requests

Digital Assistant Data Flow

Assistant Cards and Search

Receive smart notifications on any device or search data in real-time

You're in good company

Companies of all sizes around the world have already transformed their digital workplace with Digital Assistant

Digital Assistant and CiscoDigital Assistant powers Cisco's digital workplace

The Cisco Assistant is a portal where users can select from a pool of cards to personalize their experience. There is also a search capability that goes against multiple internal repositories. It is a responsive web environment that works on mobile and desktop.

Mike Mitchell
Senior Director, Employee Digital Services
As featured on Intranet Blog

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