Easily integrate your Hubspot data into Sharepoint with our integration

Modernize your CRM platform by bringing your Hubspot data
straight to your organizations' Sharepoint instance

Improve employee happiness by 16%

Never miss another update with real-time Hubspot data

Make better use of your Sharepoint investment

1. Install the Sharepoint integration

You can simply add our adenin platform to Sharepoint by following the below button

2. Connect your Hubspot account

by securely authenticating and selecting a data source


Integration of Hubspot data into Sharepoint

3. Receive your live data

and never risk Sharepoint users missing another update

Your Hubspot data
Finished connector results in your Hubspot data being embedded into Sharepoint
Connect Hubspot to Sharepoint now

Understand and engage with your customers better than ever with the Hubspot integration for Digital Assistant.

Using the Hubspot integration for Digital Assistant makes it much easier and faster to stay on top your sales leads compared to relying on email notifications. It's both a useful addition for sales agents and managers that just want to monitor progress with an easy-to-scan list.

You can easily place lists of your new or open contacts on your Board. Cards from your Board also provide notifications, so you get instant updates when a new contact or conversion has been added to your Hubspot CRM.

Always see your Hubspot contacts at a glance with this handy Adaptive Card that you can pin to your Board. It shows you all Hubspot contacts that are currently available to you. And by clicking a contact, you'll directly open it inside Hubspot, it couldn't be faster.

Digital Assistant logoInstall this Card

Get an at-a-glance view of all your new Hubspot cases without having to navigate to Hubspot. This Adaptive Card is ideal where Hubspot tickets arrive in a shared team inbox or via multiple channels, which means you may not be able to just check Outlook for new cases

Digital Assistant logoInstall this Card

Never again will you miss that one customer's response that you could kick yourself for not seeing. With this handy Adaptive Card, open tickets are just always going to be visible on your Board, simples.

Digital Assistant logoInstall this Card

Make a custom Adaptive Card with Hubspot data

Travel Request Card from Concur Travel Request Card from Concur
Business travel request Card Business travel request Card
User profile block
Image block Image block

You can easily adjust any of the built-in Adaptive Cards by clicking the ··· button on your Card, followed by Edit in Designer. But you can also start with an empty Adaptive Card from scratch by clicking the below button, and then connect your Adaptive Card with any endpoint from Hubspot's API.

Digital Assistant logoMake a custom Adaptive Card for Hubspot

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Make working together better with the Card maker webpart that easily lets you embed your Adaptive Cards in SharePoint.

  • Supercharge your SharePoint intranet by enhancing it with Adaptive Cards that can show interactive elements, e.g. rich media, lists, forms, buttons and expanding sections. Browse business templates →

  • Connect Adaptive Cards to live data sources to show users their up-to-date information at a glance. This makes it simple to display data from other business apps and sources on any SharePoint page. Browse all compatible apps →

  • Easily embed any Adaptive Card on SharePoint pages using the Card maker web part's simple Card Share URL feature. Simply copy-and-pasted the address across from the Adaptive Card designer.

  • Create versatile digital experiences, by using Adaptive Cards to show key metrics users need, enable easy form submissions, offer a convenient location for all kinds of task and issue lists, create visually exciting digital signage, etc.

Ready to supercharge your SharePoint intranet with the addition of a digital workplace? Get started today and see the difference Digital Assistant's Card maker web part can make to your workplace.

How to add an Adaptive Card as a SharePoint WebPart

  1. Add the Card maker web part to a SharePoint page
  2. Then open the configuration panel and click on Generate a Card Share URL. This will open a blank Adaptive Card in the Designer.
  3. Simply design your Card by dragging-and-dropping in elements and connect it to your 3rd party app by clicking Connect to data source. Click on the Share button once you're ready to embed the Adaptive Card into SharePoint.
  4. Then just copy the URL across to your web part and your Adaptive Card will start to appear instantly on your SharePoint page

Top 3 recommendations for SharePoint Adaptive Card users

  1. Read the full guide on how to add Adaptive Cards to your SharePoint page →

  2. Embed your Adaptive Cards also into your Viva Connections dashboard →

  3. Use SharePoint (Microsoft 365) itself as a data source for your next Adaptive Card →

All product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners. All company, product and service names used on this website are for identification purposes only. Use of these names, logos, and brands does not imply endorsement.