SharePoint integration

SharePoint integration

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Updated Jul 27 2022
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All roads lead to Rome SharePoint, except it's actually kind hard to access your favorite SharePoint sites at the click of a button.

At the time of developing this app, if you went to (see screenshot below) there would be no direct way to see or go to a SharePoint site. A lot of things could ultimately lead you to one, e.g. Search or 'Recently opened', but a set section for SharePoint doesn't exist.

Until now, just install this simple but beautiful list of your followed SharePoint sites directly to your Board, and you'll never have to think twice again. At least, when it comes to accessing your SharePoint sites, that is...

There are two SharePoint integrations. One to receive SharePoint data for Cards (this) and the other being the SharePoint Add-in to embed Cards on existing SharePoint sites (click here to install).

Make more of SharePoint with Adaptive Cards

Once installed, you can even create whole new Cards using SharePoint's data. All you need is a little knowledge of the Microsoft Graph API, and some basic idea of what your Card should look like. The built-in Adaptive Card designer will bring your Card to live with real-time data pulled from your SharePoint.

Travel Request Card from Concur Travel Request Card from Concur
Business travel request Card Business travel request Card
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Embed other existing Adaptive Cards into SharePoint

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