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Last updated Feb 09 2021

Webhooks integration

External services that provide webhooks can push updates and notifications to your Digital Assistant, so you can get instant updates inside your Assistant.

Webhooks in Digital Assistant are used as triggers for Automation flows. Such flows let you create multi-step automations that could include notifications, approval requests, emails, etc.

How to set up a Webhook with Digital Assistant

  1. Click on the Add to Digital Assistant button and then select whether you want to add an Approval, Email or blank automation flow depending on your use case.
  2. When the Flow editor is open, double click on the first node called New webhook receiver
    Create new webhook receiver
  3. Copy and paste the Webhook Url and Token to your source application's webhook settings. If the source application doesn't support Token, empty the field.
  4. Now define the rest of the Flow to match your use case

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