Amazon Alexa integration

Speak to your Digital Assistant from any Alexa device.

Pave the way towards a smart office. Digital Assistant integrates with Amazon Alexa for Business to empower your workplace.

  • Ask Alexa to ask Digital Assistant anything, and your personal AI assistant will repsond to your query via Alexa. You can even carry on your conversation to perform more complex tasks.
  • Have all of your enterprise data at the tips of your fingers with Digital Assistant and Alexa for Business. Ask Alexa for customer data, your schedule or even your manager's email.
  • Get responses from Alexa tailored to you, based on your location, job role, to-dos and more. Alexa for Business with Digital Assistant considers your needs when repsonding to your requests.

Boost your collaboration potential, stay informed and make work happen from your desk or on the go with Alexa for Business and Digital Assistant. Hassle free and easy to install - get started today and see the difference Digital Assistant can make to your workplace.