Amazon Alexa integration

Speak to your Digital Assistant from any Alexa device.

Amazon Alexa for Business helps manage the workday of organizations across the globe, helping to faciliate both easy tasks and complex processes through Alexa Skills. Digital Assistant has inbuilt Alexa integration as a skill, giving you access to the power of your intelligent virtual assistant from anywhere in your office.

Start conference calls in your meeting room through smart home devices like the Amazon Echo, get customer information when you need it and get AI powered answers during your meetings. Digital Assistant with Amazon Alexa helps you make smarter business decisions, effortlessly.

Ask Alexa to ask Digital Assistant anything and receive an instant answer. Alexa can search all of your corporate data sources with Digital Assistant and respond to you with a Card. Get results either on your screen, read out to you by Alexa, or with a summary of the search results for your query. Alexa can even ask you for more information to better understand your query.

If you're in a meeting, at your desk or with a client, Digital Assistant can provide up to date information via your Alexa devices - so you can make smarter business decisions wherever you are. With a voice controlled smart assistant, your enterprise data is at your fingertips via any of your Echo devices. Simply ask Alexa to ask Digital Assistant a query, kick off a workflow, start a meeting, or open a document on another device.

Receive push notifications from Alexa with Alexa Skills, and always get notified when something important requires your attention. See the latest updates appear on your screen along with other Alexa information, and take action from your notifications - just like on the Digital Assistant app. On touch devices like the Echo Show, you can interact with cards directly on the screen. And on all Amazon Alexa devices you can speak directly to Alexa to ask questions, give commands and interact with cards.

Boost your collaboration potential, stay informed and make work happen from your desk or on the go with Alexa for Business and Digital Assistant. Hassle free and easy to install - get started today and see the difference Digital Assistant can make to your workplace.